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February 5, 2003


The accompanying remarks by Charles Lamb have motivated us to write to you.  We agree with Mr. Lamb that “religious people…all people of good will” should take active roles in helping to protect the environment.

We also believe that many people of good will do take active roles, writing and calling their elected officials, supporting those organizations that fight for environmental causes with memberships and contributions, and by living their lives in ways respectful of the earth. 

There is a need, however, and an opportunity, for the religious community’s greater involvement in a local restoration proposal--along the gorge rim between Niagara Falls and Lewiston, New York.  This requires the removal of all parkway lanes and the construction of a hiking and bicycling path along the gorge top, which the Niagara Heritage Partnership has proposed. 

Achieving this goal would protect and extend the fragile gorge environment with long-grass wildflower meadows, creating an extended park attractive to residents and eco-tourists.  Its economic component would be helpful to the region.  A detailed rationale for this proposal is provided on our website. 

We are writing to extend an invitation to your church to support this proposal.  Your support can be offered on several levels, singly or in combination.

  • You are personally invited to add your name to the online petition of supporting individuals and to make a comment.
  • Please consider encouraging your congregation members to sign the online petition.  They may be informed by newsletter or in some other way.  (We also have paper petition sheets available if that would be helpful.)
  • After favorably considering the proposal, please instruct us to add your institution’s name to the nearly fifty other supporting groups listed on the website.

If we do not hear from you, we will call to ask about your response.  Please join with us to help recreate a serene and beautiful natural landscape along the Niagara Gorge rim. 


Bob Baxter. Conservation Chair 



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Niagara Heritage Partnership

MPO Box 1495

Niagara Falls, New York 14302-1723