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Important Disclaimer


Please be aware that the Niagara Heritage Partnership proposal for the Robert Moses Parkway removal and natural landscape restoration between Niagara Falls, New York (USA) and Lewiston, New York (USA) speaks only about the United States side of the Niagara River and makes no comment about, or reference to, the Canadian side.  Ms. D.L. Whitehouse, Senior Parks Director of Ontario, Canada, has expressed concern about the potential for befuddlement created by our proposal, that people might think it has to do with Canadian parkways and parks.  It does not.  We regret any confusion that may have resulted from our slogan "Save The Niagara Gorge."  We believe, however, that the Niagara region, especially the gorge, is an international treasure and we welcome support for our proposal from our Canadian friends and neighbors, and indeed, from people around the world.





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