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  1. WHAT IS THE ROBERT MOSES PARKWAY?  The parkway (four lanes of concrete) runs along the upper Niagara river, along the lower river gorge to Lewiston, and through the countryside to Route 18 at Youngstown.  We’re proposing that the 6.5 mile section along the lower river gorge from Niagara Falls to Lewiston be removed.

  2. WHY WAS IT BUILT IN THE FIRST PLACE? It was built about 40 years ago, following a philosophy that viewed the natural environment of Niagara as only worthy of a "drive by" experience.  It functions as an economic detour around the city of Niagara Falls and as a barrier to the river.

  3. IS IT REALLY NEEDED?  No, it is an unnecessary duplication of routes.  It has always been "significantly underutilized,"* and north-south routes to and from Lewiston and elsewhere are perfectly serviceable:  Main Street-Lewiston Road, Hyde Park, Military Road, the I-190.  From Lewiston, for example, Lewiston Road to Hyde Park (then Lockport Road to Main and/or south end) takes less than five additional minutes over driving the parkway.  *Niagara Waterfront Master Plan (1992)

  4. WHAT WOULD REPLACE THE PARKWAY?  A restored natural environment of about 300 acres, native trees, grasslands, wildflowers, a hiking and a biking trail.  Butterflies, birdsong, a river breeze through the trees.

  5. WOULDN’T IT BE EXPENSIVE TO REMOVE IT?  Not really.  About $2 million.  The elimination of maintenance costs would pay for this in less than ten years.  The eventual cost of total rebuilding has been estimated at nearly 100 million.  It will end up being expensive not to remove it.

  6. ARE THERE OTHER ECONOMIC BENEFITS?  Yes, in the restored natural environment and in the potential revival of Main Street, Niagara Falls, New York.  Using Main as a sightseeing route for people-movers carrying tourists (with side-trips to attractions such as the Schoellkopf Museum, Aquarium, Whirlpool and Devil’s Hole parks) would contribute to its transformation.  Other suggestions and possibilities are detailed on the accompanying proposal page.

  7. HOW WILL PARKWAY REMOVAL IMPACT THE DEVEAUX NEIGHBORHOOD?  Benefits to the neighborhood would include open access to the gorgetop park to the west, a natural landscape with no traffic at all. Some have expressed concern about increased traffic past Maple Avenue School, but the increase should be slight.  Many commuters will choose alternate routes.  For those who choose Lewiston Road, the 20 MPH speed limit will ensure safety as it does near other schools, many of them on major traffic routes.

  8. CAN A RECLAIMED NATURAL ENVIRONMENT BE A TOURIST ATTRACTION?  Without question, this restored natural environment would have a high potential for attracting tourists.   Hiking and bicycling are family activities that the six-mile-long park would encourage.  Visitors would extend their time here to experience the whole trail.   Other areas of the country have already realized this potential.  In Cleveland, for example, the successful development and marketing of hiking trails at The Nature Center, as well as in other outdoor environment locations, is evidence of this.


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We believe the Falls at Niagara and the lower river gorge are international treasures, about which the international community is entitled to voice its opinion regarding preservation and reclamation.   We welcome support not only from residents of the Niagara Frontier, but from former residents and tourists, those guests from all over the world who have enjoyed the natural environment here at Niagara.  Let us hear from you at





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