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Sierra Club Niagara Group Resolution March 28, 2000

Whereas: The lower Niagara River and the Niagara Gorge is a natural wonder of unequalled ecological, geological, and historical significance and remains a bastion of wilderness within our thoroughly developed region,

Whereas: The people of our region as well as people from around the world should have the opportunity to explore this wonder in its natural state, unscathed by destructive and unsightly development such as that which has occurred at Niagara Falls, and

Whereas: The Robert Moses Parkway precludes the presence of valuable wildlife habitat at the Gorge top, prevents any hiking or other enjoyment of the Gorge top, and exists as a visual monstrosity amidst one of the most scenic landscapes in the world, and

Whereas: The 1992 Niagara Waterfront Master Plan created by the City of Niagara Falls and the NYS Office of Parks and Recreation calls for leaving in the Parkway as well as further destructive and unsightly development of this land, including installation of a "vertical tram" into the Gorge,
restaurant concessions, new parking lots totaling 750 spaces, a monorail track, elevators into the gorge, and encouragement of private commercial development surrounding the park land, and

Whereas: Removal of the Robert Moses Parkway and restoration of the Gorge top as a natural area, with native trees and wildlife, hiking trails, and rustic paths leading into the gorge, would provide a unique and unforgettable experience for visitors for generations to come, as well as saving the State of New York millions of dollars in renovation and upkeep costs incurred by the aging Parkway, and

Whereas: The Niagara Heritage Partnership, as a grass-roots, community based organization, has researched this possibility, proposed clear goals and reasonable means of achieving them, and received strong community support for its plan,

Therefore, Be It Resolved:

1. Sierra Club Niagara Group supports the removal of the Robert Moses Parkway from Niagara Falls to Lewiston and the subsequent restoration of this land as a natural area, as described in the literature of the Niagara Heritage Partnership attached,

Be It Further Resolved:

2. Sierra Club Niagara Group opposes the developments described in the 1992 Niagara Waterfront Master Plan on the grounds that they would destroy the very majestic character of the Niagara Gorge which residents and tourists come to appreciate, obliterate the value of this land as habitat, and preclude any future restoration of this land, as has similar development at Niagara Falls.





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