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tears of joy

"Jonathan Dickinson" <> writes:

Somehow I came across your site while looking at all the gloom and doom
in the world today, thank you! It actually brought tears of joy to my eyes 
to think of that area without pavement. I can't tell you how many times
I've jumped that ugly fence (pictured), and then dodged traffic to get down
to fish near Devils Hole. Since I've grown up and moved away from the area
(to be surrounded by nature) I've seen many awe inspiring sights, I have to say
though that the Niagara ("the River"), never fails to impress. I was just visiting
Youngstown this past summer and was again impressed with the beauty
of the area. I was able to fish in front of the Fort as well as kayak the river
and the lake. On of my goals was to cycle over to Niagara on the Lake,
this I didn't do because I was not sure about traffic. Here in Boulder County
we are blessed with many outdoor activities that are literally outside our door,
I hope WNY catches on to this trend and eventually benefits from it as well.
I wish you good luck, I've e-mailed friends and relatives with your address
and hope it helps.   
                                   Jon Dickinson,    Peaceful Valley, Colorado




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