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Gorge proposal will restore Niagara's beauty

Niagara Gazette, 22 February 1998

In my recent relocation from Niagara Falls to the Cleveland area, I was thrilled to hear of proposal is to remove the Robert Moses Parkway and convert the area to parkland.

Finally, I thought, the image of the natural beauty of the falls and river that I have only read about in history books, seen in paintings and heard about from senior citizens of Niagara can be realized again. This proposal can further improve upon the environment that once existed by encouraging socially responsible economic development to protect it for future generations.

The Niagara Heritage Partnership is a group of residents who are committed to making this vision a reality, and I fully support their efforts. The most valuable feature of this restoration proposal is the planting of trees that had been destroyed by the construction of the Robert Moses Parkway. Regrowth of trees would expand both the sights and sounds of the gorge, since the resulting increase in the bird population would add to the natural symphony from the river. And make no mistake that tourists around the world are drawn to such earthly music and outdoor adventures.

One walk through the many parklands lands developed by the city of Cleveland land indicates that both locals and visitors agree that these areas help sustain the larger economy.

I hope that Niagara Falls residents will emphasize the best of their (and still mine in my heart) city - the natural beauty of the gorge and nearby parklands that are essential for sustaining the falls and the river.

Helen M. Kress, Shaker Heights, Ohio


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