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The Niagara Heritage Partnership hopes that visitors to this page are generally aware of our position regarding parkway removal.   It is also our position that the Niagara gorge is part of the world's natural treasure, and that, therefore, it does not "belong" to any of us because of where we happen to live more than it belongs to anyone else.

While we do not necessarily endorse all the statements and opinions expressed in these letters, we present them here because we acknowledge there are issues to be discussed and solved.

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  1. Restore the natural beauty of the falls, Robbyn Drake, Buffalo News, 8 March 1998

  2. Don't tear up parkway; fix our roadways, Judy Shapiro, Niagara Gazette, 30 May 1998

  3. Open Niagara Falls to eco-tourism, Lori Stumpf, 15 June 1999

  4. Don't just drive by Niagara's beauty, Robert Borgatti, 11 June 1999

  5. Gorge proposal will restore Niagara's beauty, Helen M. Kress, Niagara Gazette, 22 Feb 1998

  6. Proposal to remove parkway is a good one, George C. Carveth, Niagara Gazette, 22 Feb 1998

  7. Parkway removal can help revive Falls, N.Y., Donald Ferrick, Niagara Gazette, 3 August 1998

  8. Moses Parkway removal would be a travesty, Francis Shedd, Niagara Gazette, 25 March 1998

  9. Road removal pushed by those who use it, Dan Sicoli, Niagara Gazette, 14 April 1998

  10. Grandeur is in vista, not in road beside it, Paul Lamont, Niagara Gazette, 23 March 1998

  11. Remove 4 lanes of Robert Moses Parkway, David D. Saj, Niagara Gazette, 14 March 1998

  12. Preserving nature will help region's tourist industry, Christine Patrice Gebera, Niagara Gazette, 19 March 1998

  13. Moses Parkway removal would serve 2 purposes, Grant Wolcott, Niagara Gazette, 3 March 1998

  14. Parkway removal would bring rebirth, Larry C. Coleman, Niagara Gazette,    13 March 1998

  15. Replace parkway with scenic trails, Joan E. Johnson, Niagara Gazette, 25 May 1998

  16. Parkway is important avenue to downtown, Francis W. Shedd, Niagara Gazette, 4 February 1998

  17. Parkway removal would restore gorge-top, Bob Baxter, Niagara Gazette, 27 Feb 1998

  18. Robert Moses Parkway removal is supported, Suzanne Parry, Union Sun & Journal, 16 July 1998

  19. Parkway removal is affordable, Bob Baxter, Niagara Gazette, 4 July 2000

  20. Don't label environmentalists selfish because of their views, Lori Stumpf, Niagara Gazette, 15 March 2000

  21. Green space, trails are appropriate for gorge top, Dan Sicoli, Niagara Gazette, 25 May 2000

  22. We should restore Niagara's legacy of natural wonder, Joe Monaco, Niagara Gazette, 4 May 2000

  23. Remove parkway, return to nature, Beverly Barthel, Niagara Gazette, 17 May 2000

  24. Piecemeal parkway removal not justified, Bob Baxter, Niagara Gazette, 26 April 2000

  25. Niagara should be developed as a park, Charles & Ernest Dishaw Jr., Niagara Gazette, 13 January 1998

  26. Restore beauty of gorge top, Robbyn Drake, Niagara Gazette, 31 May 2000

  27. Forget crosswalk; remove parkway, Bob Baxter, Niagara Gazette, 17 August 2000

  28. Sen. Maziarz should re-think his Parkway position, Bob Baxter, Lewiston Porter Sentinel, 7 October 2000

  29. Lewiston officials need to back Moses removal, Bob Borgatti, Buffalo News, 8 October 2000

  30. Niagara Gazette Guest View, Bob Baxter, September 2000

  31. Restore Niagara Parklands: don't exploit their wilderness, Bob Baxter, 8 April 2001

  32. Only removal of Parkway would meet area's needs, Paul Lamont, Buffalo News, 29 April 2001

  33. "Natural gorge" will focus on the unique, Michael Kukla, Niagara Gazette, 4 Oct 2001

  34. Duncan Ross Gazette Guest View, August 11, 2001 

  35. "Restore landscape of Devil's Hole Park", Bob Baxter, Niagara Gazette, 12 May 2002

  36. Let's Get It Straight, Bob Borgatti, January 2002

  37. Parkway is example of maintaining racial status quo, Jim Hufnagel, Niagara Gazette,           13 April 2003

  38. Response to Greenhouse Critics, Bob Baxter, Niagara Sound-Off, November 2003

  39. Remove the Parkway, return to nature, Beverly Barthel

  40. Insights on Niagara, Vincent M. Mameli, April 2004



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