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Moses Parkway removal would serve 2 purposes

Niagara Gazette, 3 March 1998

Recently, I was asked to sign a petition being circulated by Niagara Heritage Partnership, which calls for "the removal of the four lanes of the Robert Moses Parkway along the top of the Niagara Gorge from the Schoellkopf Museum to Lewiston and the restoration of parkland and native flora that once grew there."

I have never fancied myself an environmentalist, nor have I ever been an active member in any community clubs or projects. However, it does not take a "save the whales" mentality to realize what a great idea this is. Not only would this proposal preserve the beauty of the Niagara Gorge and the hundreds of plants that grow native there, it would be a giant step toward revitalizing the downtown area.

Think of the additional tourist traffic that would take the Main Street route. After all, Main Street is supposed to be a main street. Lately, it looks more like an alley in some ghost town. Everyone of us who lives here knows this to be truth.

Furthermore, many of the plants that are native to the gorge are found few other places in the state. Many of these species are rare or endangered. That, in itself, should cause all of us to realize the importance of this proposal. Removal of the parkway would allow the flora to increase its numbers naturally, perhaps right up through the DeVeaux forest.

I am calling on my fellow Niagarans to get involved in this cause for your children and grandchildren. Don't deprive them of the natural beauty of Niagara.

Last time I checked, there was no four lane highway running through the Grand Canyon! What were we thinking?

Grant Wolcott, Sanborn


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