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We should restore Niagara's legacy of natural wonder

Niagara Gazette, 4 May 2000

I agree with those looking to remove the Robert Moses Parkway from Niagara Falls to Lewiston and restoring the top of the gorge to a natural state. I would like to propose that we go one step further. Niagara County has a long history of being the target of short-sighted government, industry and individuals who have, for decades, eroded the natural beauty of Niagara for their own personal greed and quest for power--leaving Niagara with the legacy of Love Canal, the stigma of chemical dumps, having the eighth-largest chemical producing city in the United States and one of the highest cancer and multiple sclerosis rates per capita in the country. This cannot go on!

How many compromises can we, as a community, make before our future and our children's futures are compromised. We should be determined to eliminate these stigmas by restoring Niagara's legacy of a green and natural wonder for generations to come and for the entire world to marvel at.

Joseph Monaco, Niagara Falls


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