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Parkway is important avenue to downtown

Niagara Gazette, 4 Feb 1998

I have been reading with great concern the various articles that are suggesting the elimination of the Robert Moses Parkway from downtown Niagara Falls to Lewiston.

As a resident of Lewiston and as a working attorney at the North End of Niagara Falls, I use this parkway every day. I find the drive to be very enjoyable in that I have the opportunity as I drive along to view the gorge in all its scenic wonder. I also have the opportunity, as I proceed to drive to the South End and cross over the bridge at the lower arch bridge overpass, to see both the American and Canadian falls from that viewpoint. This is the most all-encompassing view one can find of the falls in the United States.

I am an avid believer in the preservation of our natural wonders and agree that there is merit to the preservation of the land along the gorge. However, I suggest that there now exists sufficient land from the lower arch bridge to Devil's Hole for a bike and pedestrian path. There now is access to Whirlpool Park, and having driven by the park daily for many years, I have never seen it used to its capacity.

I maintain an office at the North End and, of course, am very concerned about the closing of Jenss and Slipko's and the deterioration generally of the North End area. However, I did notice that one group mentioned a Main Street walkway development for that end of town, and I sincerely believe that this would be helpful for business, particularly if the parkway is left intact.

The parkway route that is being viewed as an impediment is one of the most important avenues we have to our downtown area. It was installed at the cost of millions of dollars and it allows a direct, safe route to both the North End and the South End without causing an upheaval of the natural wonders that we are fortunate to have.

Rather than eliminate the parkway, I suggest that if any costs are to be expended to further enhance our scenic wonders, I would have a pedestrian walkway from the DeVeaux School area to Whirlpool Park as another avenue for non-motorists. I would further love to see the construction of a parking view over the Suspension Bridge and the other bridge off the parkway that would permit viewers, particularly incoming tourists, to stop and enjoy the magnificence of both falls.

If the parkway is eliminated, I cannot imagine people residing in DeVeaux enjoying the impact of the increased traffic along, Lewiston Road past Maple Avenue School.

I also believe that the Power Authority having the parkway passing along the intake tunnels adds to the grandeur of this roadway.

I have also briefly reviewed the proposed plan for the development of the City of Niagara Falls that was presented recently. The thousands of local citizens who use this parkway daily, as well as the substantial number of tourists that use this when exiting from the Lewiston/Queenston Bridge, make it almost imperative that this parkway be maintained; and the increased flow that will ultimately be involved with the new plan for the city will justify the retention of this valuable asset and will remain very beneficial to all of the citizens without any real damage to the park lands.

Francis W. Shedd, Niagara Falls


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