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Moses Parkway removal would be a travesty

Niagara Gazette, 25 March 1998

In January, I originally wrote a letter defending the use of the parkway. I now feel it necessary that I respond to the few letters that have been written supporting the elimination of the parkway from the falls to Lewiston as proposed by the Heritage Partnership.

It is significant, I believe, that the letters appearing in this paper and others are written by out-of-town persons who obviously do not regularly utilize the parkway. I submit that the group of people involved with the Heritage likewise are not regular users of the parkway. I am attempting to champion those large groups of scenic commuters who, as I had previously stated, regularly use this roadway as a safe and quick journey to downtown Niagara Falls. I emphasize that the scenic value was present at all times, and the ability to walk in the area bordering the gorge is still relatively intact.

I have lived in Niagara Falls for 75 years, long before the parkway was established. I can recall the area in question and at no time do I ever remember large groups of people attempting to use this area, as the Heritage people visualize.

I believe that our society today is motorized, and by and large, most of the scenic wonders of the world are viewed through motorized vehicles. The grandeur still exists. I feel that the millions of dollars that have been spent on the parkway would be completely wasted and would deny thousands of commuters and visitors access to the downtown area, which is being renovated. This massive loss of tax dollars would only then benefit a few people who might wish to use the whole area as park lands. In my opinion, this is ridiculous.

I am more than happy to assist in organizing a group to actively preserve this roadway and I have talked, to Lewiston officials who support my viewpoint.

Anyone interested in being a part of a movement to preserve, I would ask that they call my office at 285-3461, leave their name, address and phone number, and I will attempt to coordinate a solid citizen movement to avoid this travesty.

Francis W. Shedd, Niagara Falls


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