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Road removal pushed by those who use it

Niagara Gazette, 14 April 1998

I would like to clarify several points brought up in a recently published letter by Francis W. Shedd regarding the Niagara Heritage Partnership, a group that advocates the removal of the Robert Moses Parkway and of which I am a founding member.

First, most of the members (myself included) are habitual users of the parkway. Let's face it - the parkway is often a quicker route to and from downtown Niagara Falls. Local commuters choose it for convenience, not for the vista. There are alternate routes available that are nearly as quick.

The construction of the parkway was poorly planned - a mistake we inherited. It infringes on the natural beauty and splendor of the Niagara Gorge and has played havoc with the native flora and wildlife. Just because "our society today is motorized" does not give us the right to destroy a natural wonder so that we can view it from a motorized vehicle traveling 55 mph.

Second, Mr. Shedd tells us that he has lived in Niagara Falls for 75 years and remembers the gorge before the parkway existed. He does not recall the natural park ever being used as we are proposing. Of course not; the area was never properly marketed in that manner. Most businesses would fail today if they neglected to effectively reach their target markets.

And as far as letters of support coming from individuals who do not use the parkway or live in the area, well, Mr. Shedd, the way I see it, the Niagara Gorge belongs to us all, and everyone has a right to enjoy its natural beauty, or at least what remains of it. The Niagara Heritage Partnership welcomes the support of any interested party.

Dan Sicoli, Niagara Falls, New York


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